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Wolfram Mathematica for Students 8.0

A modern technical computing system for students
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Access the full set of features and capabilities of the classic Mathematica system in a virtual environment for solving complex issues, constructing equations, solving engineering tasks and conducting studies or completing research projects. Visualization settings are present.

Wolfram Mathematica for Students 7.0 is a program to perform mathematical calculations. This program has the same features than the professional version, the only difference is the cost of the license. The students can count on this program to help them with projects ranging from simple calculator operations to high-level software development. Mathematica for Students can help students to complete their homework and to perform symbolic as well as numeric computations. This program act as a calculator, and is also able to help them with algebra, calculus, and the sciences. This program has more than 2,500 built-in functions, and a library of integrated data sources to help students with classes across many disciplines. It is capable of creating 2D and 3D graphics, with different light sources, perspective and animation. Mathematica for Students fully supports over 200 file formats for importing and exporting data. The users can submit homework or projects as Mathematica notebooks, with text, figures, typeset math, and interactive content embedded. This notebooks can be opened even by teachers who do not have Mathematica, if they use the free Mathematica Player that can be dowloaded from Wolfram´s site.

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  • It´s a complete and complex tool for aiding students to understand mathematics


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